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Fig History

Fig culture based on culture as old as humanity circuit in Anatolia
in fruits, it is one of the oldest fruit with historical development. figs
The homeland of Turkey, here in Syria, Palestine, and later in the Middle East
It is spread over China and India. special and unique fig pollination
drying conditions is a fruit that grows in the region who want to make limited.
Figs, although if a subtropical fruit wide ecological adaptability
Because our country is being grown commercially in the entire coastal belt, dry
and the Big and Small Menderes basin with a clear objective of producing fresh figs
Observed concentration.
For human health, high calorific value, it contains minerals and
Dried figs which have a special place with 217 to 100 grams of food
(Kcal) like energy, 138 mg. calcium, 163 mg. phosphorus, 4.2 mg. iron, 91.5 mg.
magnesium, 0,073 mg. B1 and 0,072 mg. There is vitamin B2.